Changing Lives Next Door

First Weeks of 5-Day Clubs!

God's Provision

The first two weeks of 5-Day Clubs® were filled with children in every club asking question after questions as they began their journey to understand the Gospel.  Numerous student missionaries have shared testimonies of kids having one on one conversations with them to learn more about Jesus and what it means to have a personal relationship with him.  The missionaries couldn't believe how much God blessed them with the wisdom to provide answers to these children!  Many of the kids seeking answers started the week at 5-Day Club as being shy, inattentive, or hardly engaged in general.  However, as the week progressed, the missionaries saw God working in the hearts of these children, making them curious and opening their minds to the Gospel and all of God's promises.  God truly used the student missionaries and the 5-Day Club hosts as a blessing to the kids, and we look forward to God doing the same throughout the rest of the summer!

Please pray for our team to have energy and enthusiasm as they teach.


"Rachel* was nervous to come back [for counseling].  She raised her hand a couple times and came back on Thursday.  She told me right away that she had never believed in Jesus, so I walked her through counseling.  God worked it all perfectly so I could answer her!"

-Aimee (19 years old)

*Real name not used for the child's protection


"This week, I was able to see firsthand growth in an incredibly shy eight year old girl at our 5 day club. After the first day's bible lesson, she came back to talk to me about Jesus and the gospel points. She was very interested, but assured me she had already received Jesus as her savior, and only wanted to talk more about the gospel. Her interest was encouraging, and became more so when the next day, she came back again and wanted to hear more about how God forgives sin after salvation. I was able to walk her through 1 John 1:9, and help her understand what growth in God looks like. I also gave her a New Testament, and was very happy when the next day, she came back telling how she had read it like I had recommended it to her. It was exciting to see God work in her heart, and to see her come out of her shell during the week and connect personally with us."

-Timothy M. (17 years old)

Please Pray          
  • Pray for God to prepare all of the missionaries for the unexpected
  • Pray for the teachers to have energy, especially the ones who have taught multiple weeks in a row
  • Pray for the hosts as they continue to build relationships with the kids after 5-Day Club is over
Hosting a 5-Day Club

You still have an opportunity to host a 5-Day Club this summer. Hosting a club is an amazing way for you to be a light in your neighborhood for the gospel. If you'd like to learn more or sign up as a host, click here.
Support the Ministry

You can join with us in this ministry and help make 5-Day Clubs possible. By supporting the ministry in this way, you can enable the missionaries to reach children throughout the Twin Cities.
  • A $15 donation will make one day of club possible
  • A $75 donation will make an entire week of club possible
Checks can be sent to CEF of Minnesota P.O. Box 1714, Burnsville, MN 55337

God bless,

Joseph Rukavina

Local Director
CEF Twin Cities Area