Changing Lives Next Door

Praise God for our Amazing 5-Day Clubs!

Smooth Sailing

During these six weeks of 5-Day Clubs®, God has provided every missionary and staff member with the energy, enthusiasm, and efficiency to make this summer as incredible as we could ever have hoped for.  Ministry revolves around so many details that it is not rare to run into problems, delays, and mistakes.  This summer, however, coordinating and teaching the 5-Day Clubs was smooth sailing!  This year at our CYIA® training camp, the staff heavily emphasized building relationships with the children as a large focus to go along with the focus of teaching the Gospel.  More than previous years, the summer missionaries were encouraged to relate to the kids on a personal level, and that showed in each and everyone one of the 5-Day Clubs!  It can often be the easiest to simply show up, teach the club, and then leave, but it's always important and more enjoyable to interact with the kids outside of the songs, games, and stories.  This year, the teachers did a fantastic job of interacting with the kids and creating an atmosphere of high energy.  They really showed Christ's love to these kids and showed that they care.  Praise God for everything He has done through the ministry this year!

Praise God that our teachers had an incredible summer sharing the Gospel with children around the Twin Cities!


"[A little girl] only came Wednesday-Friday, but she was already a Christian.  On Friday, she came back for Dedication and I got to lead her through that and give her her own Bible.  She was such a sweet kid!"

-Rebecca (13 years old)

"On Wednesday Gracie* came back to me during counseling time and said that she believed in Jesus.  I assumed that she already had and wanted help with Dedication, so we talked about that and prayed.  On the last day of club, the host of the club said 'it was so cute Gracie* ran and told her mom that she believed in Jesus today!" I was surprised to find out that she [had made the decision] on Wednesday."

-Princess (18 years old)

"On the first day of our second club (which was at a park), we didn't seem to have much success at connecting with any kids, so we prayed for God to work in that, and each day after, we were able to get to know several kids who kept coming back to see us and hear the Bible lesson and missionary story."

-Timothy M. (17 years old)

"Rachel* was nervous to come back [for counseling].  She raised her hand a couple times and came back on Thursday.  She told me right away that she had never believed in Jesus, so I walked her through counseling.  God worked it all perfectly so I could answer her!"

-Aimee (19 years old)

*Real name not used for the child's protection


"My very first club this summer was at an apartment complex with many kids who knew about God but didn't fully understand what it meant to believe in Jesus.  The first day of that club, three boys came back for counseling to talk to me about believing in Jesus because they truly wanted to make the decision.  Unfortunately, I could obviously tell that they didn't understand enough about the Gospel to make the decision their own.  The next couple of days, I continued to pray that God would use me and my team to help these boys understand the Gospel as we taught, and God definitely provided!  On Wednesday, two of the three boys came back to talk to one of my team members, and they showed an exceptional understanding of the Gospel and made the clear choice that day to believe in Jesus!  The next day, the last of the three boys came to talk to me, and he also showed a very deepened understanding of what it means to have a relationship with Jesus.  It was such a blessing to pray with him and help him understand with Scripture how to live for God!  Each of the boys were given a Bible and an invitation to a school year Bible club, so I will continue to pray that they will grow in their relationship with Jesus."

-Cole (18 years old)

Please Pray          
  • Pray for kids to continue to seek after God during the school year
  • Pray for the summer missionaries as they begin school
  • Pray for the hosts as many of them work to continue investing into the lives of the children at clubs
Hosting a 5-Day Club

You have the incredible opportunity to host a 5-Day Club next summer! Hosting a club is an amazing way for you to be a light in your neighborhood for the gospel. If you'd like to learn more or sign up as a host, click here.
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God bless,

Joseph Rukavina

Local Director
CEF Twin Cities Area