Summer Missions
5-Day Clubs

What is a 5-Day Club?

5-Day Club® is our summer outreach to children in the Twin Cities Area. This is an exciting, fun-filled, hour and a half club that is held once a day for five consecutive days: Monday through Friday. It includes dynamic Bible lessons, creative learning activities, inspiring missionary story, meaningful songs, life-changing Scripture memorization, and loads of fun and excitement!


To empower and equip the body of Christ to follow the call of all followers of Christ and minister to the children in their ministry context

Twin Cities Area Summer 2015:

50 Clubs

881 Children Reached


A Life Changed!
I teach first grade at my neighborhood school, and my good friend and neighbor, Debbie, has hosted a Backyard club for many years. Last year, I really saw the power of a changed life in one of my former students. When I had “Z” in my first grade class, she had recently been diagnosed with a serious medical condition and was suffering from emotional/behavior issues. The next school year, she would come visit me nearly every day at recess with a huge, joyful smile. The other teachers noticed and said, “WOW, she is so happy this year!” Toward the end of the year, Z told me that my friend Miss Debbie said “Hi” to me. I asked her how she knew Miss Debbie, and she told me that she went to her house for a club last summer, and she continued to see Miss Debbie. All of a sudden I knew the reason Z had changed so dramatically, and was able to share with the other teachers-she had become a Christian! This summer, I went to the first day of Miss Debbie’s 5-Day Club and Z was there. The teacher read the verse that said in Christ we are a new creation…I leaned over and told Z that verse is true in her life, that the teachers noticed her new joyful attitude which was the joy of the Lord in her! Thank you, CEF for changing lives of students in my school! We are praying that a Good News Club could return to our school, to continue the seeds that are being planted in Miss Debbie’s yard!


A week ago, I was walking on my street and a 60 year old typical biker went roaring past on his Harley. He was muscular with a headband, ponytail and a black biker sleeveless shirt He glanced in my direction and I gave a wave... He went a few feet past and stopped his Harley. He called back..”Are you Norma? Norma Norell? I said “Yes” and he said, “I 'm Steve Rahn. I used to be your neighbor...(41 years ago)! I was so happy to see him again. The first thing he told me was how grateful he was for the input into his life from my “Backyard Bible Club” he attended as a young boy. (Taught by two trained students from Child Evangelism). He said he memorized verses because he received rewards and “it stuck with me”! He said he was always the black sheep of the family...and now he is the one in his family who has changed. His mother told me that he had been under medical care and nothing had changed...”But, whatever you're doing there in your backyard has really changed him!” This had to be about 50 years ago when Steve was about 10.

You Help Make This Happen!

You can join with us in this ministry and help make 5-Day Clubs possible. By supporting the ministry in this way, you can enable the missionaries to reach children throughout the Twin Cities.

  • A $15 donation will make one day of a club possible
  • A $75 donation will make an entire week of a club possible

Checks can be sent to CEF of Minnesota P.O. Box 1714, Burnsville, MN 55337.  

To designate your gift to a specific staff or ministry, please just type the name of the staff person or ministry in the "Purpose" box on the next page.